Plein Air in Tuscany

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In June 2018, Jacob undertook an artist residency in Verrochio Art Centre, located in a small village in the heart of rural Tuscany, called Casole d’Elsa. Each painting in this series was produced plein air, i.e. on location, and attempts to capture a sense of the light and warmth of the place. Colour has often played an important role in Jacob’s work, but whilst he was there, it became the predominant focus; he began veering away from a characteristically sedate, earthy palette to a brighter more luminous one. As most plein air painters have discovered, in order to effectively capture the scene in the allotted time frame, the painter is forced to work at a much faster pace and make intuitive decisions without time for hesitation. As such, these paintings do not aim for a quasi-photographic representation of the landscape, but rather, are honest responses to an overall feeling of the light and colour of the place.